Petaluma Argus Courier recently reported that the City of Petaluma has achieved more than 20% of its housing allocation requirements in the first year of a state- mandated eight-year housing cycle that calls for 1,910 new housing units through 2031. The housing element is a requirement under the city’s General Plan. It facilitates production of new housing for various income levels, households and family types in order to promote fair housing.

A housing specialist for the city told the council in March that the remaining 1,515 housing units will be spread over four different income categories of very low, low, moderate and above average income. Already, the city has provided 40% of the above moderate category housing, so we should expect to see more affordable units as the focus going forward. And of the 389 affordable units that are already in the pipeline, 119 permanent supportive units will help to provide a pathway from shelter to longer term housing solutions.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are being identified as a key strategy to additional affordable housing. Petaluma City Council approved new housing design standards for streamlining qualifying residential projects, back in February, including tree coverage minimums, no vinyl exteriors and 150 ft maximum building facades. “There’s a lot of push-back on both sides as to the construction of new units in Petaluma,” says Timo. “The fact is, the city’s general plan anticipated significantly more growth in population than we have seen. In order to house the folk who do live here, their adult children and the people who work in our schools and services, we must expect development in infill areas.”

One of the projects being eyed for future cycles is the 143-unit Oyster Cove project on East D Street by the river. Expect to see a variety of residential unit sizes in three to four-story condo buildings. This project will comply with the city’s housing requirements, with 15% of units reserved for low and moderate-income households. This project is awaiting building permits. “Petaluma continues to juggle supply and demand,” says Timo. “For such a desirable place to live, there are more buyers than there are sellers, especially for mid-market properties.

If you are thinking of selling, now is a great time to talk strategy. I expect there to be robust interest in homes in the Petaluma area this Spring and Summer.” Call me at 707-477-8396

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Sold a Single Family home in Petaluma, CA.

Timo and his team guided me through the preparation for showing, including all inspections and document gathering, the actual showing, and help with negotiations so it was an easy and successful sale. It was a textbook-positive process.

His team gave me confidence and clarity through the whole experience. I recommend Rivetti Real Estate fully and happily.

Bravo and thank you, Timo!

Rebecca Brown

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Timo helped me buy my first house! (Still can't believe it!) I had a lot of questions, but he and his associate Renee were patient, professional, and fast in answering all of them. I found Timo through a friend and he could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable about the whole process for this noob home buyer. Highly recommend he and Renee and am so grateful to my friend for recommending him.


Bought and sold a Multiple Occupancy home in Petaluma, CA.

I cannot say enough about my incredible experience with Timo and his assistant Renee. I am 22 years old and had a dream of buying a house in westside Petaluma. Most people would say that is impossible, well not if you have Timo on your side! Timo walked me through the process and made me feel so comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. Timo truly had my back and did the impossible and I now am a proud owner of a house in west side Petaluma. I will be using Timo for any purchase or sell I ever have, and I recommend you do the same. Thank you again Timo! Together we “Made History”


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